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Free Urdu Love Stories

If you ever wanted to be an urdu stories teller ' you can try yourself on poetryustad. This site gives you an opportunity to transform your personal experiences into urdu short stories. We all go through different incidents which sometimes change our lives. But hardly we consider that these incidents can become stories in urdu. It’s never too late for anything so start writing urdu short stories here n share them with other members so they can give you feedback on your work. If you have dreamed to be a super hero but could never be ' why sad? all your childhood fantasies can be true in our urdu short stories section become a super hero or a fairytale princess all you have to do is write stories in urdu and make your dreams come true. We also have many fabulous urdu love stories for you on poetryustad which you can enjoy reading and sharing with your friends. You will always cherish reading these lovely free urdu stories. These urdu love stories is something you can always relate yourself to them. poetryustad is not only about simply writing or reading urdu stories in urdu but you can make it more interactive and enjoyable for you. You can start free urdu stories game with other members like u can give story topic and other can just keep adding on it can end up with an interesting story. You can also have competition of writing most funny urdu stories or most romantic urdu love story. You can even share with your friends or members on poetryustad any on going incident in form of urdu short stories and they can contribute towards its climax. poetryustad is a fun place for all of you so join us for unlimited free urdu stories in urdu.


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