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Mataa-e-Kausar o ZamZam k paimaane, teri aankhein
Farishton ko bana deti hain deewaane, teri aankhein

Jahaan-e-rang o bu uljha hua hai in k ddoron mein
Lagi hian kaakul-e-taqdeer suljhaane, teri aankhein

Ishaaron se dilon ko cheirr kar iqraar karti hain
Utthaati hain bahaar-e-nau k nazraane, teri aankhein

Wo deewaane zamaam-e-laala o gul thaam lete hain
Jinhein mansoob kar deti hain veeraane, teri aankhein

Shagoofon ko sharaaron ka machalta roop deti hain
Haqeeqat ko bana deti hain afsaane, teri aankhein

* * * * * * * *(Saaghar Siddiqui)* * * * * * * * *
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